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Master Spas
For over 20 years, Master Spas has proudly manufactured all of our hot tubs and swim spas in the United States. We believe it makes a noticeable difference in the overall quality of our products and gives customers yet another reason to choose Master Spas.
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Master Spas is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Operating out of a state-of-the-art, 33-acre campus, we are the largest swim spa manufacturer in the world, and largest portable spa and hot tub manufacturer that makes 100% of our product in the USA. Our management team has over 150 years of spa manufacturing success, and one of the strongest track records in the industry.

Legendary Service

In a crowded hot tub market, most people notice that there’s something different about Master Spas. It is hard to define but easy to recognize. It begins with the way we treat our customers—like family. That means we always give you the best service, the best prices and, of course, the best products.

Unmatched Quality and Innovation

Our hot tubs and swim spas are recognized across the industry for both quality and innovation. Our Master Crafted process ensures we never cut corners and that we continually innovate to bring new, exciting products to market.

Master Spa
Master Spa
Master Spa
Master Spa
Twighlight Spa

Twilight Series Spas

Everything about the Twilight Series sets it apart as the standard in luxury portable spas. They’ve redefined the spa experience. Find out what makes Twilight Series Spas so special.

They’ve worked for nearly 30 years to perfect your spa experience. Each design is master crafted to achieve enhanced, innovative therapy and high tech advancements in construction, performance, insulation, filtration and heating systems.

There’s a Twilight Series hot tub just for you. From the smaller TS 120 up to the TS 8.35 there’s a spa just your size with the legendary therapy and quality Master Spas is known for.

Clarity Spa

Clarity Spas

With Clarity comes serenity — that gentle, overall sensation of comfort and security. The calm that gives you strength. Here, you can nestle into the luxury of Clarity’s ergonomic seats and surrender to the fully adjustable massage jets. Enjoy the soothing relief of the Stress Relief™ Neck and Shoulder Seat* and the strategic placement of up to 55 therapeutic jets* designed to target key pressure points, improve circulation and restore your natural sense of wellness. A Clarity Spa gives you the luxury of a high-end day spa with even more privacy and peace of mind.

Clarity will entice your senses and fulfill your expectations. Most Clarity Spas feature dual, high-performance pumps providing amazing therapy treatment… adjustable LED lighting creates a soothing cascade of color options… and the optional, Fusion Sound Systems complete the sensory experience allowing you to put on your favorite, relaxing music. Clarity Spas are the most delightful on the market and the perfect place to find your Zen whenever you need it.

Healthy Living Spa

Healthy Living Spas

Your wellness is truly dependent on your choices for healthier living: food and fitness for strength… relaxation for reducing stress and fatigue. Healthy balance is essential for every body.

Healthy Living Hot Tubs promote a buoyant balance for a fit mind, body, and spirit. Here, you can slip into a world of benefits that will help to improve your quality of life through purposeful relief and enhanced wellness.

PDC Spas

Spa Chemicals Available for Purchase

Leisure Time
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-spa down
-spa 56
-metal gon


Natural Chemistry
-defoamer plus
-stain and scale control

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