Bee Tree offers a range of services from installation to maintenance. Contact us to schedule your service, and leave the work to us!


  • Pool/spa openings,
  • Pool/spa closings,
  • Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly pool/spa maintenance.
  • Pool/spa repairs,
  • Liner replacement.
  • Heater installs.
  • Outdoor furnace startup prior to the cold season, and temporary furnace shutdown during the warm season.
  • Outdoor furnace pump replacement, solenoid replacement, door seal/rope replacement, cleaning, etc.
  • Pellet stove maintenance.
  • Pellet grill troubleshooting.


  • Above ground pools including, but not limited to, decks, slides, pool heaters, and landscaping.
  • In-ground pools including, but not limited to decks, patios, slides, diving boards, waterfalls, retaining walls, pool houses, pool bars, fit pits, and pool heaters.
  • Outdoor furnaces including, but not limited to, plumbing for hot water heater, floors, pools, outdoor buildings, and heating (base board, radiators, central air).
  • Pellet stoves including, but not limited to setting the stoves and providing ventilation.