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Classic Edge 560 Titanium HDX


Overall Efficiency (LHV) - 90.2%*
Overall Efficiency (HHV) - 83.8%*

Manufacturer's Rated Heat Output Capacity** - 200,000 Btu/hr

Heat Output (12 hr) - 92,417 Btu/hr

The Classic Edge 560 HDX is EPA Step 2 Certified.


Firebox Volume - 14 cu ft

Firebox Dimensions - 33"L x 32"H x 23"W

Door - 18"W x 18"H

Ash Cleanout Door - 18"W x 9"H

Water Capacity - 205 gal.

Weight - 1,668 lbs

Supply/Return Ports - 1 set of 1-1/4" supply and return ports (can be configured for two pumps)

Integrated Wi-Fi Connectivity - Standard

Bypass Door and Alarm - Standard

Measurements and Foundation Dimensions - Illustration

Included with outdoor furnace - Water Test Kit, Cleaning Rod, Scraper Tool, Ground Rod Kit and two 4-foot chimney sections


NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


* Efficiencies are determined under the same test conditions using higher heating value, lower heating value and overall efficiency. **Based on EPA qualifying test.

Edge 560 HDX

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