Bee Tree Spas & Pools – September 2023 Blog


Pool Closings are Just around the Corner!



Pool season is coming to a close. Here are important steps for closing your pool:



  • Remove all leaves, dirt, insects and other debris.
  • Vacuum the pool and brush the walls with a non-abrasive cleaner made for vinyl or tile.
  • Bring a water sample to Bee Tree Spas and Pools to ensure your pool chemistry is balanced prior to closing it for the winter.
  • Add Winterizing Chemicals:
    • Consider purchasing a winter kit from Bee Tree Spas and Pools.
    • Adjust your alkalinity to ensure it is between 100 ppm and 150 ppm. Remember to adjust alkalinity before pH.
    • Adjust your pH to ensure it is between 7.4 and 7.6.
    • Adjust your calcium hardness to ensure it is between 175 ppm and 225 ppm.
    • Shock your pool.
    • Add algaecide to your pool
    • Protect Your Skimmer – Remove and store skimmer baskets in a safe and dry location.
      • Use a skimmer cover to seal it off from the elements or drain your pool below the skimmer line.  If you choose to lower your pool water, ensure the water level doesn’t rise above the bottom of the skimmer during snow or rainfall events. Ensure the bottom of the skimmer remains clear and doesn’t become clogged.
  • Winterize Plumbing:
    • Disconnect the plumbing lines to allow water to drain from the lines.
    • Ensure any plumbing lines stored indoors are dried out.
  • Winterize Your Sand Filter & Pump:
    • Remove all drain plugs and remove the pool pump and hoses. Store the drain plugs in the pump baskets so you can find them next season. Dry off the pump and hoses. Store them indoors.
    • Set your sand filter to “Winterize” and remove the drain plug from the bottom of the filter. If you have a bleeder valve and sight glass, remove those too and store them in your pump basket until next season. Consider storing your filter indoors until next season.
  • Remove any ladders, steps, toys and other accessories in your pool. Clean everything removed, let it dry and store it in a dry place away from sunlight until next season.
  • Installing Pillow:
    • Inflate pool pillow to 50% of capacity.
    • Place pillow in the middle of the pool. Secure the pillow to the sides of your pool to ensure it stays in the middle.
  • Install Winter Cover:
    • Place the pool cover over your pool and secure it.
    • Use a pool cover pump during the winter to keep cover dry.
  • DON’T WANT THE HASSLE? LET THE EXPERTS HANDLE IT! SCHEDULE YOUR POOL CLOSING WITH BEE TREE SPAS AND POOLS TODAY! Give us a call at (304) 753-4330 or email us at sales@beetreespasandpools.com